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The Punjab Scheduled Castes Land Development & Finance Corporation has been set-up by the Punjab State Legislative Assembly vide Act No.9 of 1970.It is having its Head Office at Chandigarh & District offices in all the Districts of the State of Punjab.

  Important Functions & Duties of the Corporation
Functions and Duties:
The powers and functions of the Corporation have been mention ED in Section 16 of the Act.
The Corporation has been entrusted  the task of Economic up-liftment  of the members of the Scheduled Castes in the State.
Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing provision, such power shall include the power:-
To  plan ,  promote  and  undertake  on  its  own or   in  collaboration or   through such Scheduled Castes Organisation  or  other  agencies  as may be approved by the Board , programmes  of  agricultural  development , marketing , processing , supply and   storage   of   agricultural   produce  ,  small -  scale   industry ,  building construction , transport and such other business, trade or activity as may be approved in this behalf  by the State Government.
To provide financial assistance to members of Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Castes Organisations by advancing to them in cash or in kind loans including loans under hire-purchase system for any of the purposes specified in clause (i) either directly or through such agency, Organisation or institution as may be approved by the Board.;
To give on hire agricultural or industrial machinery or equipment to the members of Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Castes Organisations ;
To give grants and subsidies to, and to guarantee loans taken by the members of Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Castes Organisations;
To borrow money subject to such conditions as the Board may specify;
To  receive gifts , grants and donations ; 
To issue bonds and debentures ;
To draw, make accept, endorse, discount, execute and issue promissory notes, bills of exchange, hundies, bills warrants, debentures and other negotiable instruments;
ix )
To invest or deposit surplus funds of the Corporation in Government securities or in such other manner as the Board may decide ;
To enter into contracts ; and
To discharge such other functions as may be prescribed or as are supplemental, incidental or consequential to any of the functions conferred on it under this  Act.
As mention above the Corporation has been entrusted the task of Economic Upliftment of the members of the Scheduled castes .The detail Procedure for applying loan and schemes is under Finance Scheme page.


 The Punjab Scheduled Castes Land Development and Finance Corporation Act,1970(Punjab Act No. 9 of 1970)[.pdf file]