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The Corporation is providing Loans in collaboration with NSFDC for Economic up-liftment of the members of the Scheduled Castes in the State of Punjab.


The Corporation started new schemes for the benefit of beneficiaries with the assistance of NSFDC from the year 1990-91, in view of acute shortage of the share capital.


Any person having an income upto double of the poverty line is eligible under the scheme run in collaboration with NSFDC.


The Corporation raises term loan from NSFDC for specific schemes for onward disbursement to the beneficiaries. The NSFDC share is upto 90% of the total unit cost and the remaining 10% is shared by the beneficiary as well as Corporation out of share capital depending upon the terms and conditions of the NSFDC and state govt.


Scheduled Castes living below the poverty line are eligible for subsidy upto 10,000/-.

Procedure for taking loan:

Any Scheduled Caste person desirous of availing loan can apply on the prescribed application form available free of cost from District offices. Application duly attested is to be submitted to the Distt. Offices . Then cases are referred to screening committee for scrutiny .Cases are then sent to the Head Office for sanction . After that cases are sent to District offices for execution of Mortgage deed .There after payment is made subject to completion of all formalities.


  Details under NSFDC    Scheme

Loan disbursed under NSFDC Scheme(2016-17)